Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Blog

I've always wanted to start my own blog and now that i did,
i don't know how to start writing it

I'll start by talking a little about myself
I'm a normal asian kid with long wavy hair
'used to be curly :['
since i cold permed it 3-4 months ago
Well enough about my hair...for now :]]

I love anything cute~!
I'm not 100% fob, more like 60-70%
but it'll increase as i get older xP
My goals are to learn Korean, Japanese and to perfect Chinese

DBSK are the best singers/group in the WORLD~~

The first time i saw them was on Chinese tv
when they were singing the song 'Begin'
One word: Beautiful

This is just my first introductory blog and
they'll be more to come soon
Keep updated

Bye~~! ^~^

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